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19123 Sandy Hook Road, Knoxville MD

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HI Harpers Ferry


Overview of Hostel

HI Harpers Ferry has something for every outdoor lover and is great for a quick getaway from the city or a longer trip that mixes adventure and relaxation.

Situated two miles from Harpers Ferry National Historic Park, HI Harpers Ferry hostel is a cozy lodge that stands high on a bluff, overlooki

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By Car
To get here from Harpers Ferry National Historic Park, take Route 340 East/North for about 4 miles towards Maryland. This will take you across the Shenandoah River into Virginia and then across the Potomac River into Maryland. Turn right at the first Maryland exit, which is the 'Keep Tryst Road/Valley Road' exit. Then take the next right onto Sandy Hook Road, and the hostel is the first house on the left.

To get here from Frederick, Maryland take Route 340 West for about 17 miles. Turn left at the last Maryland exit, before crossing the Potomac River into Virginia. That will be the 'Keep Tryst Road' exit. Take the next right onto Sandy Hook Road, and the hostel is the first house on the left.

To get from Washington D.C. to Frederick take Route 270 North for 50 miles. To get from Baltimore to Frederick, take Route 70 West for 50 miles. To get from Harrisburg or Gettysburg to Frederick, take Route 15 South.

By Train
To travel by train, you can take AMTRAK (the Capitol Limited), or you can take the MARC Train (Brunswick Line), both of which run between Harpers Ferry and Union Station in WashingtonD.C. The MARC Train is very inexpensive (less than fifteen dollars round trip last time we checked), but it only runs on weekdays, with trains going toward D.C. early in the morning and leaving D.C. For schedules, call AMTRAK at 1-800-USA-RAIL or MARC at 1-800-325-RAIL. The hostel is a gorgeous two-mile walk along the Potomac River and Appalachian Trail (simply walk out of the Harpers Ferry Train Station and turn left until you get to the convergence of the two rivers and then proceed across the footbridge into Maryland). Alternatively you can call a taxi at 304-725-3794. The taxi from Harpers Ferry charges a flat rate of $35.

By Bus
There is a weekday shuttle bus that can pick you up a block from the Greyhound Station in Frederick, Maryland. For bus schedules, call 301-694-2065 on weekdays from 8 AM to 4 PM. The bus will take you to Knoxville, which is a two mile walk from the hostel. From the Knoxville bus stop, simply walk over to the river, turn right and walk along the C&O Path, leave the C&O Path at the bulletin board just after milepost 58, cross the tracks, take a sharp left on the road, walk a mile, turn left on Sandy Hook Road, and the hostel is the first house on the left.

By Bike
If you are travelling on the C&O Towpath toward Pennsylvania, exit the C&O Towpath at the bulletin board near milepost 58, at Weaverton Cliffs. Once you make this turnoff, cross the tracks, and make a sharp left onto Keep Tryst Road. Travel for about one mile, turn left on Sandy Hook Road. Watch for traffic and be prepared for hills and curves! The hostel is the first white building on the left.

If you are traveling toward DC, exit the C&O Towpath at mile 61.75, turn right onto the bridge and ride across the canal and the train tracks. Turn right onto Sandy Hook Road and follow the road for two miles. Ride past the Sandy Hook General Store and ride up the hill towards Keep Tryst Road.

By Foot
To get here on foot from Harpers Ferry, walk across the Potomac River footbridge. Then turn right and walk for two miles along the C&O Canal/Appalachian Trails (these two trails are the same trail at this segment). You will come to the big Route 340 highway bridge overhead. Look to your left and you will find a pathway to get across the canal. Carefully cross the train tracks. You will see the town of Sandy Hook and the Sandy Hook General Store in front of you. Turn right on Sandy Hook Road and walk up the hill to the hostel, a big white house on your right, about 1/4 mile.

***Please exercise caution and common sense when walking and biking. Cross the tracks at your own risk!! Trains come through every half hour to hour. Sandy Hook Road has a narrow shoulder, sharp turns and small hills..

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Harpers Ferry WV. Frederick, MD. Charlestown, WV. Shepherdstown, WV. Potomac River. Appalachian Trail. C&O Towpath. Civil War Battlefields. Hiking, Biking, Camping, Tubing, White Water Rafting, History.

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We are located in MARYLAND, just across the river from Harpers Ferry, WV. Hostel front desk is open from 7am-10am and 5pm-10pm daily. Check out by 10am.