Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort

6979 A Highway 140, Midpines, CA 95345, Yosemite V, Yosemite

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Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort


Overview of Hostel

The Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort is 27 miles from Yosemite Valley. Located on a forested 50-acre hillside complex, the Bug is a magical, relaxed social place with all the amenities. In addition to the guest kitchen, we offer a restaurant that has a great reputation locally for value and fres

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The best option for the Bug and Yosemite. Its a seamless train and bus ticket you buy to the Bug in Midpines or all the way to Yosemite Village first. Shuttles bus YArts runs from the Bug and the Park about 4-5 times a day. If you need to stash a backpack in the valley look for a bear proof food box that abound. Once the driver drops you at the Bug it is a 1/4 mile walk up our driveway. For using public transit or bicycles, we offer a 15% discount off of anything here. Yay!

This bus system is the shuttle from the Bug to Yosemite Valley round trip inclusive of the park fee for only $12. We use it when we want to avoid traffic in summer, avoid putting on chains in winter, or want to listen to the driver’s Yosemite commentary. They will drop you off at four places in Yosemite Valley where you can pick up the Valley Shuttle Bus to trailheads. Look at their great map at YARTS.com. You can connect to Greyhound in Merced with this system too.

Yosemite Valley Shuttle
If you drive a car just find parking and use this system. These electric and hybrid busses stop everywhere at the eastern two thirds of the valley. Look at it’s map beforehand on their website or with our seasonal itinerary on our NEWS web page so you know where you want to get off. We think this free ride is a better sightseeing experience than the concessioner’s tour or your driving tour around the valley. Just do it!

So going cross country on a bike is for the truly adventurous, but they will still charge a fee to get in. The scenic Highway 140 roadway going into Yosemite Valley has bicycle awareness signs, but also suffers from narrow shoulders and driver who cut over lines. You can throw your bike under the YARTS bus in the compartments, but sometimes they don’t have space or want you to take a wheel off. You can leave the bike for the day at the Bug and take YARTS without your steed. Either way we give you 15% off everything for being so cool.

Really you need to see Yosemite National Park in the off season or see some backcountry off the roads outside of Yosemite Valley. We do make regular seasonal recommendations in our website news about finding spectacular in offbeat places. Otherwise in Yosemite Valley it’s best to finding a parking spot and using the Yosemite Valley bus.

GPS and Google Maps
Sometimes our guests find themselves stuck on a back dirt road across the river or driving back and forth on Highway 140 on the other side of Mariposa. We always recommend you take a wee look at Google Maps beforehand to eyeball the route and find the City of Merced as the axis to reach us through. It’s the key except from the east in summer. Google Maps knows us well. GPS though will take you into the dirt road hell if you don’t eyeball the route first. On GPS look for us at 6979 CA State Highway 140, Midpines, CA 95345

From San Francisco
Leaving between 10am and 2pm, take the Bay Bridge to 580 East, 205 East, 5 North for a few miles to 120 East. You must take 99 South to Merced rather than continue on 120 into the Park. Then take 140 East towards Yosemite, we are ten miles past Mariposa. 140 is a nice scenic route.

From Sacramento
Easy 3 hours. Take 99 South to Merced, then 140 to us. We are ten miles past Mariposa.

From Lake Tahoe
Take Highway 50 West to Sacramento and see above. Really it is about the same 5 hours to turn on 49 South at Placerville and look see the old and intact Gold Rush towns of Sutter Creek, San Andreas, Angel’s Camp and Columbia. When in the gold town of Mariposa head 10 miles towards Yosemite… In summer take the scenic east side of 50 East to 395 West and at Lee Vining take 120 West through the park to Yosemite Valley. We are 27 Miles from down 140 West from there.

From Los Angeles
Let’s start at Hollywood or Downtown for a five hour drive leaving between 10am and 2pm. Take 5 North to 99 North through Merced to 140 East. We are 10 miles past Mariposa.

From Las Vegas
Two ways depending on ‘weather’ the Highway 120 pass is closed through Yosemite in winter. Check in advance. So a fast seven hours is 15 South to 58 West to 99 North through Merced and 45 minutes up to the Bug. Or for good scenery, go through Death Valley then up 395 North to 120 West then 140 West from Yosemite Valley. That’s nine hours but you will stop and look about so give yourself twelve hours..

Located near

Yosemite National Park - 20 miles Yosemite Valley - 27 Miles Tuolumne Meadows High Sierra - 67 Miles Mariposa Sequoia Grove - 60 Miles Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area - 38 Merced River Wild and Scenic Area - 3 miles Mariposa Gold Town - 10 miles

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

We have a 3 day cancellation policy. Check in must be done prior to 11pm, we are not open 24 hours. There is a 11% lodging tax added on to the balance due. Payment will be taken upon check in. Hosteling INternational is a non profit membership based organization, promoting peace through hosteling since 1909. If you are not a full HI member you will need to buy the daily membership fee of $3 per day added onto your amount due on arrival. If you are a member you will need to present your card upon check in to not get the additional charge. You can also buy a yearly membership at $28 you can inquire upon checkin